Hello, my name is Quynh Pham. Don’t worry I know that’s a strange spelling so you can also call me QP! 😄

I am a 30-somthing year old living in Austin, TX with my fiancĂŠ, Jordan, and our beloved puggle, Rambo. I guess you can call me a lifestyle blogger but I am most active on Youtube where I post reviews, DIYs, fashion, beauty, and of course, lifestyle videos of whatever is relevant in my life at the moment. See, I am an obsessive researcher and I spend hours researching the best way to do x, y, and z or the best product for 1, 2, or 3. So after having spent so much time on a particular subject, I get so excited to share what I’ve learned with all of my friends here on the internet!

Let’s take a peak at my past so you can understand how I got here!

I was born in warm, tropical Southern Vietnam but only lived there for 5 years before my family made the drastic move to Kansas, USA… in November. The first thing I remembered about the United States was how cold it was, the second thing I remember was not realizing I had never how cow’s milk before and spray spat my first taste of milk all over my aunt’s kitchen floors. Anyway, fast forward a lot of years, I great up in a suburb of Kansas City and went to the University of Kansas for college. After college, I moved closer to my sister and her family in Minneapolis where I met my now-fiancĂŠ, Jordan. We lived there for about 5 years before deciding we no longer liked the cold and moved south to Texas.

Along this entire journey, I developed an appreciation for the aesthetics of life. I admired various styles of fashion, beauty, and home decor. I enjoy the art in food and dining. I just love how all of these aspects of life are an expression of an individual’s taste and sense of style. When I was younger, I would too often overlook all of these simple joys in life but as I’ve grown older I realized these otherwise mundane factors of life are, in a way, the paint to the canvas we call life.

My sense of style is ever growing and transforming but I find so much joy in creating whether it be outfits, makeup looks, crafts, home decorating, or even cooking. I share all of my projects and life journeys on this blog, Youtube, and Social Media platforms and hope you will join me on this journey!