BBG Week 4 Arms & Abs | Intermittent Fasting | Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review

May 17, 2017

Hello Everyone!

I am back with yet another resistance workout from Kayla Itsines’ fitness program, The Bikini Body Guide (otherwise known as the BBG). I have been using the BBG program since November but decided to back track so I can post my workouts as part of my fitness journey.

Today is 🙌🏼 ARMS & ABS RESISTANCE 🙌🏼 D A Y 🙌🏼 which is the second workout of WEEK 4! I honestly love following Kayla’s BBG program because it changes every week. I am using the Sweat with Kayla BBG app on my phone which has video instructions, music, an interval timer, and so much more. It’s like having a personal trainer but a lot cheaper!

The caption in the video is a bit vague so to clarify, the resistance workouts consists of 2 Circuits which are repeated 2 times. Each circuit is 7 minutes long and consists of 4 different workouts. Within the 7 minutes, you try to do the 4 workouts for that circuit in their order and reps as many times as you can. There are 30 second breaks in between each circuit and a cool down at the very end.



Here is the order for the circuits:
• Circuit 1
• Break (30 Seconds)
• Circuit 2
• Break (30 Seconds)
• Circuit 1
• Break (30 Seconds)
• Circuit 2
• Break (30 Seconds)
• Cool Down

Week 4 Arms & Abs Resistance Workouts:

Circuit 1-
1. Weighted Squat & Press
2. Tricep Dips
3. Commandos
4. Straight Leg Jackknife

Circuit 2-
1. Bent Leg Sit Ups
2. 4 Mountain Climbers + 1 Push Up
3. Straight Leg Raises
4. Lay Down Push Ups

(The exact number of reps for each exercise is in Kayla’s BBG Program)

My Meals For Today:

Post Workout-
• Vega Chocolate Protein Shake

• Egg Salad Sandwich

• Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry
• Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Vega Sport Protein Powder (Vanilla) –
Vega Sport Protein Powder (Chocolate) –
Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer –

Please note that these videos are not intended to replace Kayla’s BBG program. I am simply sharing my experience and workouts. If you would like to start on the Bikini Body Guide I recommend subscribing to her Sweat with Kayla app (I absolutely think it is worth every penny!). Kayla also offers her program in an ebook form which is a flat price and some people prefer that over the app.

If you would like more information about Kayla’s BBG Program, Click Here:

Kayla’s New Book (It’s pretty incredible):

I hope you enjoy today’s BBG Week 4, Arms & Abs workout and the meals I had for today! Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the ✍🏼 C O M M E N T ✍🏼 section below. It would mean the world to me if you could hit that 👍🏼 L I K E 👍🏼 button if you enjoyed this video. Also, please 🚩📝 S U B S C R I B E 📝🚩 to my channel so you don’t miss out on future videos! Thanks so much for watching! I hope to see you in my next video! ❤️

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