How To Use The Sleep Styler Heatless Curlers | Review & Demo | As Seen On Shark Tank

September 20, 2017


It seems like every where I look I keep seeing these bright, turquoise blue cylinder tubes on the internet. Upon clicking on these internet ads and videos, I learn that these tubes are actually cushiony hair curlers invented by an ophthalmologist turned inventor name Tara Brown. Tara invented the Sleep Styler because as a working mom, she couldn’t find time to style her “frizzy” hair.

How Did They Get Their Start?

While the Sleep Styler launched on Kickstarter and eventually started selling on their e-commerce website, it actually received much of its recognition from being featured on Shark Tank, a show where entrepreneurs present their products or inventions to investors in hopes of getting an investment for their company.

The Sleep Styler quickly received an offer and partnership from Lori Greiner who is known for her work with QVC shopping network.

Tara Brown, ophthalmologist & working mom presents her invention, the Sleep Styler, on Shark Tank and gets an investment and partnership from Lori Greiner

What Makes These Curlers So Special?

These heatless curlers promise gorgeous, bouncy, wavy curls by drying and curling hair overnight while you sleep.

They are made of a super soft and absorbent microfiber material which helps hair dry and a”marshmallow soft” memory-foam core for extra comfort while you sleep. The microfiber straps are unique to this design as they wrap around the hair and secures the section to the curling tube and uses velcro at the bottom of the curler to hold everything in place.


So Does It Work?

When I received my order, the packaging was very plain. It arrived in a brown cardboard box with the Sleep Styler Logo and a sticker that redirects you to their website.

Inside the cardboard box were the rollers inside a plastic zipper bag. The quality of the bag is actually pretty nice and the rollers fit in it perfectly. I’m not sure if perhaps I received an early batch but there were no logos on the actual bag I received. I normally wouldn’t care about this but I have heard and personally experienced instances where I have bought something online ( and was sent something that I believe was a knock off or fake. I noticed a lot of reviews on Amazon which makes this claim also. Luckily, I ordered these from the official Sleep Styler website so I at least know I’m getting what I paid for. (note: most of the images and videos I found online had packaging with the logo on them. so I think mine was an early batch that didn’t have it yet.)

The rollers were also really good quality. The material was soft and the memory foam was really pleasant as well. No weird smells that you some times get with a product that has been in tight packaging.

The rollers were a lot harder than I thought to put in initially. The first section of hair I tried to curl took me 3-4 tries and about 5 minutes to get but as I progressed, each section got easier and easier. The rollers were really light weight so my hair didn’t feel heavy with them in which is a huge plus! However, you can definitely tell they are there.

When I first laid down on my bed I had to adjust quite a bit to find a comfortable position. It could also because I wasn’t used to these rollers and was super cautious to not pull them out while I was sleeping but I struggled for the majority of the night to get comfortable. About 3/4 of the way into the night, I got used to them and was able to get comfortable. I have only tried this once so I’m not sure if my uncomfortable night sleep was something that I just needed to get used to.

The rollers stayed in my hair surprisingly well as I slept. The curlers on the left side of my head did get pulled down a bit, but I think that was my fault for being a bit rough on them.

For as well as these rollers stayed on while I tossed and turned through the night, they were really easy to take out. My hair didn’t get snagged on any components so there were no damage and no pain!

I was REALLY impressed with the results I got from these curlers. Leave in, heatless curlers or rollers have never worked for my hair. I normally get kinks and creases that are so bad I would have to pull out my straightening iron and spend more time try to fix them. The creases left from these rollers were so minimal they were almost not noticeable. I was comfortable just shaking out the curls to make them look more natural and go about my day.

The curls I got from these were vertical waves that were so soft and bouncy, just the way I like them! They did straighten out slightly but they were still there and really pretty the day after also.

Overall, I give this product an 8.5/10. The 1.5 point deduction is mainly for the discomfort while I was sleeping and the learning curve it took to put these rollers in. However, this is just my assessment for my first time using it. I’m sure if I am able to figure out a way to sleep comfortably in them and learn how to put the rollers in faster, that number would definitely go up! I am really happy with the Sleep Styler and definitely recommend this product if you are a fan of rollers or want to get heatless curls without damaging your hair.

Quick Note: This is not a sponsored video. I bought the sleep styler with my own money. I believe I paid around $29.95 + $5 shipping for them.

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